Cardiac Rehabilitation Supporters 

Wairarapa Hospital Board

The Wairarapa Hospital Board supports the Cardiac Rehabilitation sessions by providing qualified staff to lead the programme and presenters at each session. Wairarapa is unique is this and we value highly the ongoing support of the Hospital Board.

Wairarapa Quilters Guild

The Quilters Guild make and provide chest protector cushions at no cost to us.  Many thanks Ladies!

The cushions are carefully made to an extremely high standard and are designed to protect the chest area of a patient who has undergone heart surgery.

Also keep the cushion handy for when you cough or sneeze.

Pictured from left to right is Jill Nelson of the Master Quilters Guild, Ken English, Heart Health Advocate of Wairarapa Heart Foundation, Wayne McNichol, heart patient, and Jill Trower, Cardiac Outreach nurse and one of the Rehab co-ordinators. Jill Nelson is presenting Wayne McNichol with a cushion.

We are very appreciative of the efforts of the Quilters Guild Stitch Mistresses.

Wairarapa Branch Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation provides

  • Guidlines for the running of the Rehab sessions
  • Printed resources
  • Volunteers
  • Finacial support


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