Why Cardiac Rehabilitation?

When you were in hospital, you were taken care of by a dedicated team of Cardiac Nurses and Doctors, all specialists is their field.

You were examined and prescribed medication aimed at helping your condition. Then a nurse came and said to you "Take these." You may still have no idea what your medication is for and what it does even though this may have been explained. What side effects should you expect?

You may have noticed that the team looking after you were extrmely busy and that they may not have had time to explain a great deal for you. Or you may not have remembered much of what was explained.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Sessions are designed to fill in the gaps for you.

You may need to make changes to your lifestyle as far as exercise and diet goes. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Sessions will assist you.

In short, you will definitely benefit by attending these Sessions. Do bring your partner or a friend because your diagnosis will have affected them as well. By bringing your partner or friend, you will benefit more. We look forward to seeing you.


Why CR?

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