Session dates and topics for 2011

Please note that session dates and/or topics may change.

All Sessions are on Thursday Morning at 10am, with morning tea from 9:30

Note: Previously sessions were on Tuesday

Session One

March 10, April 21, June 2, July 14, August 25,  October 6, November 10

You and your heart

Introduction and discussion led by a Cardiac Nurse. What is Angina? What is a Heart Attack? Risk factors and Cholesterol will be discussed. Video on "What is a heart attack?"

Session Two

March 17, April 28, June 9, July 21, September 1, October 13,  November 17

Why Pills?

Pharmacy session led by Gail Edwards who discusses what your medication is for. Gail will remove the mystery surrounding your medication.

Why Exercise?

Physiotherapist led discussion about why we need to exercise, the kind of exercise we need to aim for and what to avoid.

Introduction to Tai Chi and Pilates

An introduction to alternative exercise methods.

Session Three

March 24, May 5, June 16, July 28, September 8, October 20, November 24

Work Simplification

An Occupational Therapist led session. Annette King discusses how to simplify everyday tasks to lessen their effects on your body during your recovery phase. Topics include returning to work and sexuality.

Social Worker

Recognising/managing emotional adjustments after a cardiac event. Advice to assist both patient and partner in getting back to normal and managing change.


Session Four (Morning tea is after the exercise session in the gym today)

March 31, May 12, June 23, August 4, September 15, October 27, December 1

How to Exercise

Visit to the Physiotherapy Department to see first hand how to go about simple exercises that can be done at home with a minimum of resources. This session is NOT strenuous.

Give Yourself a Break

Learn how to recognise unhealthy stress and how to deal with it. A relaxation method is taught (better than sleeping pills). Relaxation tapes and CDs are available at $3 each.

Session Five

April 7, May 19, June 30, August 11, September 22, November 3, December 8


A hands on look at Cardio Pulmonary Resusitation (CPR). How to perform CPR and the chance to practice it on a manikin.

Food for Thought

Discussion and practical hints on lowering cholesterol levels. Suggestions for weight management. Referral to a dietician is offered. Recipe books on sale.

Introducing Heart Foundation

A speaker from the Heart Foundation will discuss Heart Foundation activites and suggest ways that you can assist the work locally.

Where to from here?

Questions answered and suggestions offered.



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